Father's Day Celebration: Edo State Deputy Governor, Shaibu serves as altar boy, charges men to shine their lights

Edo State Deputy Governor, Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu Sunday joined the rest of the world in marking the 2023 Father’s Day in the house of the Lord as he admonishes Nigerian men to diversify.

Shaibu who served as Chief Mass Servant at the St. Paul Catholic Church in Benin City, urged fathers to explore every available legal means to make more money and adequately take care of their family.

He described a godly home as a home where the father can provide for the family - a phenomenon that will curb insurgency and kidnapping in the country.

According to him, the starting point of building a nation is by building homes and urged fathers to amplify things that will take care of the family.

"Fathers are not really appreciated as the mothers are appreciated which is just natural, but I think we should be respected more now. It's always important that we give ourselves respect and for me, respect should not begat respect, instead, respect cancels disrespect."

"Our country today is in dire need of role models and this time when things are not going well for us all due to the removal of the fuel subsidy which is having a toll on us all - as fathers, this is the time to think deeper, think out of the box and join our wives in praying as we go out hustling side by side."

"Palliative or no palliative, what's critical is contentment; if we can provide for our family the society will be more at peace. We need to diversify beyond our take-home - time to think outside our salaries, not to steal, but take advantage of technology to augment our living."

"My prayer is that God will continue to grant all we men the strength, knowledge and finance to take care of our family so that everything can be provided and that our children will not engage in social vices which may in the end bring unrest in the country."

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