Exciting Midfielder Malomo Taofeek Out Of Remo Stars Clash, But Will Shooting Stars Miss Their Integral Player?

Shooting Stars will be without attacking midfielder, Malomo Taofeek for their southwest derby clash against Remo Stars as the Nigeria Premier Football League enters Matchday 13. 

Malomo has been an integral part of the Coach Gbenga Ogunbote led side and will now miss the clash against their southwest rivals due to accumulated five yellow cards. 

How will Shooting Stars cope with a player that has contributed to more than at least five goals for the club this season?

Malomo is very smooth and slick with the ball, he is good at recycling possession and progressing the ball through forward dribbling or a penetrative pass.

The Midfield maestro,Malomo Taofeek is extremely press resistant. He does not panic or allow pressure from the opposition to stop the flow of his game. 

In fact, he almost invites in it, backing his technical ability to get out of the situation and keep the ball flowing.

He can operate on either flank and anywhere on the offensive spine of the team. His incredible skill set allows for tactics to be changed at a whim in the full knowledge that the teenager will put in a stellar performance regardless of his position on the pitch.

Taofeek is the guy who picks the ball up in the final third after much of the hard work is done and then applies his magic. He is a supremely creative player and possesses great composure in pressurized situations in front of goal.

Malomo tactical understanding of the game is already at very high levels, especially in his positional sense. 

He always has an eye for where the space is to generate passing opportunities and overloads. Typically, he is a player who thrives in the middle of the pitch, but you will see him take up different zones throughout the pitch, adapting to his teammates and where he believes he can hurt the opposition.

What makes the quick midfielder unplayable in the middle of the park for Shooting Stars Sports Club is his true identity is still yet to be discovered. He can become a six, an eight, a ten, or a wide player. His technical ability, mixed with his dynamism, means he has a lot of wiggle room to be tactically versatile.

One thing is sure, Malomo will be missed by Shooting Star and the club must now find a means to get a result without him in the mix!

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