Akinkunmi Ogunseye Sets Ibadan Agog For Mother's Love

By Bolaji O. Akinyemi.

In the 50's two very identical twins bestride the city of Ibadan and its environs. Kehinde was into farming as past time while politics was his main pursuit major! Taiwo was one of the biggest Cocoa farmers the region could boast of and he was of course a produce buyer who prospered in no small measure. With 11 trucks to move produce from Ibadan to and from Lagos where international partners were waiting to do business with him, his interest in politics was nil! 

 But as twins, identical for that matter, they did all things in common. One of this was the castle built by the twins, Taiwo Kehinde Ogunremi House that adorned Alafara Oje!

 That same building their great grandson, Akinkunmi Ogunseye has brought down with plans to restore the family honour of the best edifice in the area!

The first Daughter of the Taiwo Kehinde Ogunremi Dynasty was Deaconess Dorcas Aduke Ogunremi, who later married a Muslim, Alhaji Nasir Adesina Babatunde Ogunseye.

The union was blessed with wonderful children, one of which is Alhaji Akeem Akinkunmi Osuolale Ogunseye, though a Muslim like his Dad, he has vowed to keep the memory of his Mother alive! That is a true Yoruba-Omoluabi value, it abhors bigotry!

The old Lagelu local government was once the largest local government in Nigeria. It was then the hotbed of politics and the toast of politicians!

 Prominent among her politicians then was her 1st LG Chairman, Chief E. K Ogunremi, who hosted several nocturnal political meetings with Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Chief Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe,  at the Taiwo and kehinde  Ogunremi House, Alafara Oje, Ibadan!

When Akinkunmi Ogunseye was asked about his motivation for the project, he responded;
"Startled by the reality of the designation of our country as the number 1 county in the world in open defecation by UNICEF.

I was moved immediately to help our rural communities achieve better condition of living and hygiene, this for us will be the Social Corporate Responsibility of NigerCat our company till this situation improves and the rating change remarkably.

We are committed to sinking boreholes, building water system toilets and bathrooms facilities in villages where none exist before. 

Remembering my late mother's love for her people in Ogunremi, I felt this charity should begin at home. Our pilot project, first, in a set of 20 is ready for commissioning at Ogunremi village, Ibadan, Oyo State.

The short public notice is informed by the urgency of the need to rise to the occasion of UNICEF designation of our country to save the Nigerian Child.

Alhaji Akeem Akinkunmi Osuolale Ogunseye is scheduled to be in Ibadan for the commissioning of a borehole project and conveniences facility of Modern Bathrooms fitted with Showers and Water system toilets in Ogunremi, his mother's village, the project facilitated in memory of his mother will provide clean water and city standard for health life style for the people of Ogunremi and environs!

The event will hold on this Saturday, 27th of November 2021. By 12noon, sons and daughters of the village will be coming from far and near to be part of the occasion. Like his maternal grandfather, Taiwo Ogunremi, Too much money, as I fondly call him is apolitical, for which reasons political friends across all parties will only be allowed to the event in their private capacities. 

Owo Taabua! as he is often hailed on the street has also reached out to all local heads of villages (Baales), who are sure to smile back to their domains! Unlike Oba in Anambra State, where it was a show of money, Osuolale, (the name his mother gave him) has promised that it shall be a show of kindness in Ogunremi village! 

The money may not be seen physically but packages that will make all to smile home will be handed out!

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, is a Revivalist and Nation Builder.

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