Highly Rated Belgian Kickboxer Jente Ugonna Nnamadim Ready To Switch Allegiance To Nigeria

Nigerian born Belgian Kickboxer Jente Ugonna  Nnamadim is ready to fight under the Nigerian flag and follow the path laid by Israel Adesanya to become a force in the sport.

Born to a Nigerian father and Belgium mother, Jente says it will be a dream come true to fight with the Nigerian flag wrapped around his body and wants it as early as his next fight billed for January 2022.

"I want to fight for Nigeria, my father comes from there, I have families there, and I am also from Nigeria."

Nnamadim is listed in the -80kg category and is currently fighting in the Enfusion and Glory fighting companies, two of the biggest in Europe.
Nicknamed the "Black Diamond", Nnamadim is excited to make a name in the sport just like Israel Adesanya and Kamaru Usman.

"It's good for Nigeria to have guys like Israel and Kamaru who are champions in the sport. They are like my brothers. I am 80% sure of transitioning to the UFC and following the path of someone like Israel, who did kickboxing before UFC."

He has a record of 5 fights in Enfusion with three wins(one knockout, two decisions) and two close losses. 

His father, Ben- Obi Nnamadim, is proud that his son will be fighting for his country.

"My son is ready to fight for Nigeria, and I hope the sports authorities in Nigeria will accept him. I am happy and proud to see him grow in the sport."

Ben also feels it's time to finalize the transition discussion, which started with the former minister of sports Solomon Dalung.

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