Could The Return Of Kelvin Ehizogie Officially Mark The death of Gymnastics in Nigeria?

On Thursday September 30th, 2021, Gymnastics in Africa most populous black nation, Nigeria, was officially nailed to the coffin as the incumbent president, Kelvin Ehizogie, emerged president of the federation for another four year term

Emerging from the blues in 2016, Kelvin used his financial muscle and top government connections to bamboozle delegates and won a keenly contested election albeit, on controversial circumstances. 

The process was hijacked at some point but it took the intervention of former sport Minister, Solomon Dalung, to restore sanity as Kelvin emerged victorious in an Election rerun against stakeholders favorite, Moyo Ogunseinde, in Abuja. 

Since becoming president of the federation, Kelvin has concentrated more on his personal businesses that are scattered across Europe and North America as the sport of Gynastics, struggle to catch up with reality. 

As .part of his pre election manifesto in 2016, Kelvin promised to focus more on grassroots development while also assuring the gymnasts and officials that he will use his connections to create opportunities that will expose Nigeria gymnasts to modern facilities and countless competitions across the globe. 

Unfortunately, he has failed woefully in meeting up with these promises. He has empowered his friends and family members, appointing them into key positions among the coaching crew and has chased away key stakeholders of the sport.

Gymnastics is a sport that offers lots of opportunities in a multi sporting event like the Olympics and commonwealth games but Nigeria as a country have failed to key into these potentials because under Kelvin Ehizogie, things have completely fallen apart and the center can no longer hold.

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