“We Need To Define What Success Is, In Order To Bring Back The Lost Glory Of Our Age Grade Football” Says UEFA B licensed Coach, Nosayaba

One of Nigeria’s brightest young talent in terms of coaching as per age grade football, Nosayaba Iyamu has harped on the need for the country to define what success is for age grade football so as to restore the lost glory of the nation. 

Nosayaba Iyamu, 36, who has a burning passion for football and IT and his currently a football Manager or Head Coach as he prefers to be called in England with Harrogate Railway FC and also an IT Technical Consultant within the private sector stated this when quizzed on how he intends to help Nigeria’s age grade teams looking at their recent poor outings. 

“In poor outings the main thing to sort out is the organisation of the team. Let’s concede less and build from there.

“Most times in life we are placed in positions to try help others. This might be a parent, a mentor or a football coach and you hope to be a positive influence and assist them in reaching their goals”, he said. 

“My aim would be to have a supportive backroom team because ultimately that’s where it starts. Then we will define our goals and what success will look like. These players react better if this is outlined from the start. 

“Many people might say success is winning the world cup for example, but if that team has never even got to the world cup then that’s a false target. Rather the first step would be to get to the World Cup”, he continued. 

“Players also respond to feedback and that could be either good a bad but it comes down to know the players and how they respond. From what I understand most Nigerian coach go by the shouting approach and whilst that might work for some players others might shy away from it and there by dip even more in form. So it’s about finding the balance.

“Encouragement never goes astray. Praise the player, mistakes will happen but as long as they are learning for it, that fine by me”, he concluded. 

In 2014 Nosayaba joined Harrogate Town U17s. They had a very successful season completing the double with the league and supplementary cup. His hunger for player development and the challenge of the game led him to his next role with local rivals Harrogate Railway U16s, where he has added to his previous success and completed the treble (winning three cups). The most notable victory was the County Cup final with a convincing 4-1 win. Nosayaba has since gone on to win the Maddison Cup and the League this season.
With many successes at home he has also sought to build his international coaching experience with time spent with the Barbados national team, clubs in Italy and the US (including Houston Dynamos in Texas).
His aim now is to take his coaching and professional experience and build a football academy in Africa to help young players develop and to work alongside a National team. His first step to achieving this will be taking up an invitation to meet with Prince, in Nigeria to discuss what this might look like and how they work together to get this off the ground. The academy's aim is to focus on football, but also incorporate vocational education in IT to allow young black people to learn life skills to equip them for a professional career in either industry. His experience of working with football players of all ages and abilities from a variety of backgrounds and his extensive career in the IT industry provides an impeccable foundation for the success of the academy.

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