One Year In Office Of Sunday Dare: The Hope, The Promise, The Man

Mary Akinsola 

Nigeria is one nation that has everything it has at all, in abundance. From resources to people, to passion and purpose, this country has it in huge proportions.

However, a sector that promises so much, and is capable of achieving so great hasn’t had the best of hands, but luck may have dared to shine on it when a man who is passionate enough took over the reins of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development. The man has dared to make a difference, and bring some sunshine in Nigeria’s ever-present rainy days in sports. He has dared the odds and wants to make a difference.

In the last one year, Sunday Dare touched a huge proportion of Nigerian sports, discussing with private investors to help develop stadiums and also watching the progress of Nigerians abroad with keen attention.

He has made himself available for people to question, and has carried the Nigerian sporting fraternity in his actions and decisions. While accepting criticisms isn’t a culture seen very well amongst Nigerian leaders, the Minister has shown he may be a different person from the usual expectations.

Although, there’s a whole lot to achieve in the marriage of Youth and sports, the Minister has shown an uncanny resolve to work, service and transparency, which have usually been missing until his appointment.

The potentials Nigerian youths haven’t been fully utilised, with sports development being a huge part of the possibilities of achieving greatness in Nigeria. There are many youths who will be very useful to themselves and the society when there are platforms to thrive upon. All these, I believe the Minister has in his plans and schedule as he marches to be reach new heights, step on new lands and achieve greater greatness.

It’s been a year of many highs and few lows, and more importantly, a year that promises possibilities and better days ahead.

Congratulations to the Minister on a highly successful one year in office.

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