NFF Must Emulate Boy In Viral Video And “Calm Down” Over A Legitimate Anambra FA Election

As tough as it gets, reactions have continued to trail the controversy as regards the NFF handling of the Anambra FA Election that had Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah return to office unopposed.

The time Barrister Chris Green wrote;

“I'm still part of the Nff and it's my pleasure to advice them on the good of the game.

I don't believe we should fight and destroy the place because we are all sitting on the precipice of an edge. Me think Nff should revisit their decision and settle this matter amicably.

The process of operation is very clear, first it is the Anambra FA statutes that must be followed before any other statute except it conflicts with that of the Nff.

Anambra FA is not a member of fifa but of Nff. Both statutes of fifa and Nff provides for independence and non interference from third parties into the affairs of its members or constituents.

They believe members members should be allowed to carry out their affairs independently. State FA,s are affiliates of the Nff and not a division and so care must be taken when dealing with issues that concerns them. Fifa cannot act on any internal affairs of the Nff, they lack the jurisdiction.

Nff can only come in when there's break down of law and order or acts capable of bringing the game into disrepute, jeopardy or injure its integrity. This also applies to the Nff and its affiliates. In matters like this fifa will respond in one paragraph that it is an internal affair and they don't get involved.

They will allow you sort yourself out with your internal mechanism. In election matters like this, there are internal mechanism to solve issues arising therefrom. If a person is aggrieved from the conduct of an election or process, you go to the appeals committee.

If you are not in agreement with the appeals committee, the only other place you can go will be to CAS. Fifa waded into Nff,s electoral crisis in 2014 because of third party interference ie Government interference.

They did that to protect the integrity and sanctity of the game as well as uphold their statutes on non interference into the internal affairs of its members by third parties. I have in custody a litany of letters from fifa on this matter right from 2006 till 2014.

In 2014 Nff elections in Warri, Musa Amadu the then Nff General Secretary wrote inviting the Nff to come and OBSERVE ( not Monitor) the elections.

Fifa declined with reasons of busy schedule and wished the Nff well in the process. In the end the Nff notified fifa with the result and other things incidental to the elections which they accepted.

I will talk about the relevance of the Elections monitoring committee later which I think was an overdo, surplusage because of the existence of an already established and existing Electoral Committee of the Nff. The composition too did not help matters where you have state FA chairmen as head and members. It's akin to abuse of office and comflict of interest.

Let nobody spoil for war, let us allow good reason to prevail. The Nff have alot in front of them to deal with and to reposition our football. Let this not be a distraction to them.

My advice is for everyone to calm down and wait for good reasoning. I'm sure the Nff will not fail us this time. They have a listening ear”.

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