I have received a lot of messages from some advisers who are of the opinion that I am giving out too much information for the diabetic to get well. They want me to say less and get more money from my clients. Some of them opine that the job will be too much for me alone to cope with my numerous clients. The truth is that I project to have only few clients, while I give out as many information as possible to others to get well soon.

This is not a business for me. Yes I am an entrepreneur. But my intention is larger than that. I am on a mission that bothers on the obsession to help everyday people who are diabetic and not aware that diabetes can be cured. I help them to understand the neurobiology of diabetes reversal and to let them know that they have heroism in them to rise above the vicissitude of diabetes mellitus and live in super health.

What I do is a movement and a community to help you fortify the genius within you in a very difficult world where diabetes has been viewed as a progressive ailment that you have to live with for the rest of your entire life.

After reading and re-reading my last write-up on Larger Than Life, I was dazed and am still amazed why the medical system is designed in such a way that tends to complicate the people’s health instead of saving the people. So, I had to go into further research on why we don’t care enough, why we prefer the complex approach to the simple approach. Is it borne out of conspiracy, ignorance or carelessness? Or, could it be the figment of my imagination? This is my concern in this edition of Larger Than Life, and I intend to be very honest with you.

You see, most of our medical decisions are taken by the United States. We adopt whatever guidance and directives they give to us. We hardly subject any of them to scrutiny. We don’t work on evidence, we work on postulations. We give high regard to the almighty America more than we do to the founding fathers of ancient and modern medicines. We live our lives in line with theirs and of course, we imbibe their diseases and health challenges even if the beliefs are based on fallacies.

In 1977, there were the dietary goals for the United States, which everyone globally had to follow. First to raise consumption of carbohydrates until they constituted 55% to 60% of calories. The second directive was to decrease fat consumption from approximately 40% to 30%, where no more than 1/3 was from saturated fat.

This led to the food pyramid of the ‘80s. That was how the people’s food changed to more bread, more pasta, rice, whole grains and potatoes, with less meat, egg, poultry and fish.

As far back as 1960 to present, it has been more sugar, grains, less of animal protein, egg and butter. They eat more sugar because they categorized sugar as fat-free food. Just imagine that!

Going back to 1820, sugar consumption was almost zero gramme. Now, in the 21st century, consumption of sugar has gone haywire due to increasing availability of sugar. The truth is that you can never be satisfied with sugar. The more sugar you consume, the more sugary taste you get, and the greater the appetite for more. In the same vein, the consumption of grain increased due to more availability of grains, particularly, wheat.

We are also eating more often. Up to 1977 people were eating three meals per day. We went from eating three meals per day to eating six times a day, saying that you should eat snacks after your meals. They indoctrinate the world, including children with this habit. The snacks you consume are even heavier in carbohydrates and very deadly too. Snacks to them are meat pie, doughnuts, cakes and sugary, carbonated drinks and juices.

In the modern times, we now eat non-stop for the whole day. We eat often. We eat late. We are eating all the time.

Surveys say the lowest number of times people eat now is three times per day, and some eat up to 11 times per day. The Medians eat for 15 hours, from 8am to 11pm. The only time they don’t eat is when they are sleeping, and some people even dream of eating in their sleep.

This is a big trouble because any time you eat, your insulin will go up and insulin is the hormone that tells your body to store food energy. My Eating-Window stores food energy, while the Non-Eating Window burns stored food energy. Insulin goes up with Eating-Window and stores the food, while insulin goes down during Non-Eating Window and burns the energy stored.

Longer eating window is responsible for weight gain, type-2 Diabetes and most of the health complications we battle in vain to cure and call progressive diseases that we have to live with to the end of life. Even English Language supports this by having fasting time and breakfast time. Though there is a fault in the timing and the concept of fasting and breakfast time. Breakfast is not the most important meal. Also, Breakfast does not have to necessarily be early in the morning. The time to break your fast largely depends on your Eating and Non-Eating Window.

I hope this edition has been of help to you. It was crafted to recalibrate your habits that have been sold to you for ages from our so-called God’s Own Country, America, which I have great respect and passionate love for. However, their concept of overeating the wrong food at the wrong time negates my bond with you to help you in your journey to cure type-2 diabetes and numerous debilitating diseases of our time.

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I appreciate you for reading Larger Than Life always. I respect and love you all beyond your imagination. Thanks for giving me your time.

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