The Legacy To Reverse Global Diabetes Melitus

Thank you for being here. I appreciate you for your interest in whatever I have to say every week on Larger Than Life. This is an indication that you care about your health and wellbeing. It also means you care about the health of your loved ones. Resolve not to die. Don’t give up your health to health mismanagement. Be the architect of your life and destiny.

I have said it repeatedly that the trouble with diabetes is not high sugar level. For the purpose of emphasis, the disease of diabetes is the disease of high insulin resistance. High sugar level is just a symptom of type 2 diabetes mellitus, not the disease. My fans on this platform have been telling me to show them the way to lower the insulin resistance. This is the focus of this edition of Larger Than Life.

Permit me to digress a little to say that many of our medical experts have continued to save many people from debilitating ailments. I salute their courage and hard work, but they hardly succeed to do so because of many incorrect things they were taught. Hence, scientific debate continues to keep filtering the right from the load of fallacies, and every science-based profession must continue to acquaint themselves with global trends and best practices to get it right.

For instance, there is no correlation between salt and heart disease. Yet, it was taught in schools for about 50 years and after graduation, the experts kept telling their patients that they should avoid salt to prevent heart disease. Similarly, in the ‘70s, people in the United States were told to avoid butter, and replace it with margarine, which was full of Tran’s fat. Many people died of heart attack as a result of this advice from the professionals.

You can see from aforementioned that there are many advices that are not evidence-based. Indeed, science itself is work in progress. Hence what is scientific yesterday may be a fallacy today.

I speak emphatically about the cure of diabetes because I know it is curable. I am a living witness of the cure; also my numerous clients have had it cured. It is basically a lifestyle disease that can be reversed.

Now to the secret of lowering high insulin level: I have long introduced eating window to my numerous clients, and it has worked for them. As I keep saying, no one can keep eating like the cow and rat endlessly for ages and escape debilitating diseases. So, there should be a time to eat, and a time to rest your organs. You cannot run your organs endlessly and not get a malfunction. The organs must crash prematurely, and when the system packs up, the efficacy of drugs will fade and fail. The secret is when you are not eating your body will derive energy from stored sugar and body fat. As you observe the food window, your body will burn sugar, and thereafter burn body fat.

The disease of type 2 diabetes mellitus is a disease that we have to burn sugar, and for those who are obese, the body must burn body fat. The remedy is in the hormonal changes that happen when you observe the eating window. When you eat, your insulin is bound to go up. Your body will keep storing the food energy. But when you observe the eating window, and non-eating window, you begin to burn the body fat.

One of the easiest eating and non-eating windows I have used for myself and my clients is to stop eating at 5.00 pm and to skip breakfast and give your system enough rest until about 12 noon or better still 1.00 pm. Yes, skip breakfast. The concept that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is not evidence-based. This is a topic for another day.

The fact is that you cannot keep eating throughout the day and expect sugar or glucose to get burnt. The more you eat, the more the sugar in your body, and the more your high insulin resistance. And as sugar or glucose keeps piling up in your system, the more health complications you will develop.

When you don’t eat when you are supposed to eat, your body will switch to using your glucose and fat stored in your body. With time, your hunger pang will begin to disappear. The secret is that you get the food you need from the excess glucose and fat stored in your body.

Let us stop here while I remind you that what is important to me right now is legacy. I want to be remembered as one person that bailed the diabetic world out of the belief that diabetes is a progressive and irreversible disease that we and our loved ones must live and die with. I want type 2 diabetics to get off the hook of injecting themselves with insulin which has complicated their diabetes. And I want myriad of us to prevent the complications early enough. Besides, I want to stand beside the gap for millions of diabetics worldwide where there is no doctor.

My heart hurts as I see what is happening to our planet diabetes-wise. Millions of people die of an ailment which has a cure. You and I must rise above the scourge as things fall apart. And in the pandemic, as life grows messier we must become stronger. Call me now, send SMS or WhatsApp messages on 08033335496. I will show you the way out. You can also access our WhatsApp group using this link:;AAU5NTy0K9mbP36Smst

Hope all this is of help to you. Thanks for your time here every week. I respect and love you all.

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