How To Take Charge Of Your Diabetics Health


This week, I come appealing passionately to you with all humility and respect to be a legend in wherever destiny has placed you. And the legend’s secret is longevity. Dominate your field until very late. Be an empire maker. Never lose your courage to be alive to any system that wants you to die. Always remind yourself that you are made to be great. You have a genius within you.

Pursue a higher mission. Society now defines success by how much they have. Be different. Find a higher cause that can fire your passion and give you monumental reason to be alive for a long time. Don’t let a disease that has a cure ruin your destiny.

Many people today have their system ruptured as a result of type-2 diabetes. The number of patients of kidney disease is on the rise, yet we know that the biggest cause is type-2 diabetes. And it is sad, very sad that the conventional medication is not really helping people with this disease. Many diabetic cases are mismanaged until there is no remedy to save them.

Patients spend much on drugs, dialysis and kidney transplant to cure their kidney disease until they begin to get heart attack, blindness, amputation, brain damage and frequent dizziness. The simple remedy is to lose weight; when you lose weight by using your stored fat, the diabetes will go and if you don’t get type 2 diabetes, you will not get kidney disease.

The remedy is simple: eating sugary food will increase your glucose level. It will increase your high insulin resistance. To reverse it, you have to eat more protein and fat and less of carbohydrates.

Besides you cannot eat endlessly like termites to reverse type-2 diabetes. There must be shorter eating window and longer non-eating window. You take in energy during the short eating window and the energy is stored in your body as fat. You use the energy stored as fat during the non-eating window.

The truth is that the fat is stored to be used, but when you eat more instead of using the stored energy, you will end up complicating your type-2 diabetes. It can become irredeemable when serious complications set in.  Type-2 diabetics SHOULD NOT TAKE INSULIN INJECTION. Taking insulin is like giving more alcohol to alcoholics to stop drinking alcohol or more cigarettes to smokers to stop smoking.

Type-2 diabetes is a disease of too much insulin. Does it make sense to give the patient more insulin? To me it sounds like there is a collective plot to rip off the diabetic of their wealth and damage their health, or is it collusion with manufacturers of insulin to keep injecting the patients to smoke out their lives? Insulin is a prescription of death sentence for type-2 the diabetic.

You see, nobody wants to promote this truth because there is no money in it. It is more of service to humanity. And it is very sad because medical practitioners are in the business to help people. Unfortunately, they are trained in the system of what drug, procedures and surgery to give, whereas, type-2 diabetes is a nutritional challenge.

This is the unfortunate situation we find ourselves. Hence after I reversed my own type-2 diabetes mellitus and obtained my doctor of science degree in public health at Atlantic International University, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, I had to start talking, blogging, shouting on top of my voice, orchestrating on the fact that with our simple eating and non-eating window and eating low carbohydrates, more protein and fat, you can without any assistance, wiggle out of type-2 diabetes.

Many diabetic have told me on my e-mail and WhatsApp messages 08033335496, that they read my blog, they followed my prescriptions and now their blood sugar level and A1C is normal and they are no more diabetic. One of them whose testimony I gave last Monday wrote:

‘’Hi Doctor, thanks for quoting my comment, indeed it is working for me. Today this morning my fasting blood sugar was 5.8, not under any medication. Remember it’s less than a week since I started observing the eating window.”

If you want her contact in Kenya, you can private-chat me.

As the clock of my life ticks gradually to paradise what is important to me is service to humanity. One day we shall all become dust. What is important to me while I am alive is to fulfill my destiny and affect my generation. I have got my flaws though, but my goal is to save as many as possible from the scourge of obesity and diabetes.

I hope all these are of help to you. Act now to get rid of type-2 diabetes. Please don’t die. Stay alive. Yes you can.

Talk, send SMS or WhatsApp messages to me now on 08033335496. If you are outside Nigeria please add +234. You can also send an e-mail to me at  I am here to help.

Thanks for being here with me every week. I respect and love you all.

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