Guendouzi, Arteta Saga: The Beginning Of Arteta’s Ruthlesness Which Fans Must Get Used To

So much has been said about Mikel Arteta’s handling of Matteo Guendouzi’s issues at Arsenal. While  some feels he needs to be treated well and given time to adjust because he is a young lad, others feels his time at Arsenal is done due to the fact that they see him as a controversial player that even gives less on the football pitch.

After the incident against Brighton and Hoves Albion involving Maupay and Matteo, the following has since ensued.

-Guendouzi had meeting with Arteta and Edu after Brighton incident, didn't impress
-Guendouzi involved in a series of indescretions
-Arteta disappointed player hasn't apologized or showed willingness to change

All of these on the back of Guendouzi having issues with teammates at Arsenal’s Dubai training camp, but then, is Arteta doing enough?.. Does Guendouzi deserves the treatment?.. Here is Arsenal goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez talking highly of Mikel Arteta;

“We knew Mikel would be a good manager, but we didn't know he would be this good. He's incredible. He knows how to deal with experienced players, with young players. He gives us a game plan against anybody & gives us hope when we do the training sessions"

Martinez: "He [Arteta] knows what position you have to be in every department, whether you are a goalkeeper, striker or a left-winger. And then, when we go into the games, those scenarios we worked on in training actually happen, so we start believing in every word he says"

Martinez on Arteta: "You are in or you are out, you're with him or without him, & there's no discussion on that. We know if we want to play and we want to be at this club, we have to be on board. That's good for the team because no one can relax"

For a player who has had issues at former club Lorient and missing out on three months of football due to disciplinary issues, this, of course takes a huge toll on making a case for Guedouzi. While I believe he is an amazing talent who can go on to make huge exploit in his prime football age, Arsenal fans needs to drop sympathy and emotions when it comes to tough decisions at the club.

Every Arsenal fan wants Mikel Arteta to be ruthless, so here they have it. Unfortunately, it’s starting with Matteo Guendouzi and we have to take it that way, if we truly want our Arsenal back.

Brace up fans, there is more ruthlessness to come as Arteta is here to change the club’s culture.

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