I trust you and your loved ones are standing strong, healthy, diabetes-free and filled with hope in these times of deep change. We are going to come out the other side of all these turbulence so much wiser, brave and awake. I am very sure of this.

Tons of people keep asking me questions on the cure of diabetes mellitus, the genesis of the upsurge and ailments related to this disease that has caused catastrophic effect on millions of lives and killed hundreds of millions gradually and steadily.

In my humble opinion, two things are responsible for the alarming increase of diabetics globally. One is ignorance, the second is corruption. And sometimes, the interplay of ignorance and corruption has killed many diabetics, and those who were meant to arrest the situation did nothing to salvage the people.

Talking about ignorance, in 1950, there was an increase in the number of people with heart disease, and no one seemed to know the reason. The reason for the heart attack was running to about 60 years before the insight of the cause was known. It was heavy consumption of tobacco. Cigarette smoking was the order of the day.

Tobacco companies colluded with some practitioners of medicine to hide the danger inherent in smoking cigarette. The companies spent millions of dollars to promote smoking as a healthy habit that could ward off the common cold and some respiratory diseases. They reiterated that smoking would not cause heart attack. They were able to hide the truth.

Meanwhile the search for the cause of the upsurge of heart attacks continued. It was an epidemic that took the lives of myriad of people. In the course of that, one physician came up with dietary fat as the cause of heart attack. Though he had no evidence, the medical world accepted the postulation without evidence. No one could retrospect that the people were not eating more fat than they were eating 60 years ago.

In the ‘70s came the theory of low fat to ward off the decease of heart attack. In the place of fat, the experts recommended eating refined carbohydrates. Toast and germs was listed as healthy breakfast. This food plan spiked the sugar level as insulin went up and crashed again and again.

The low fat, high carbohydrate also increased the appetite. You get hungry for more and more carbohydrates and sugar. This is the genesis of the advice of some dietitians to their patients that they should eat six times per day. They tell them to eat breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks, dinner, snacks, and even more. Come to think of it, how can we eat like the cow and the rat and not get health complications?

Hope Larger than Life has been of help to you. Remember it is the storms that make us stronger. And amid chaos rests vast opportunity for those who have developed the eyes and the skills to embrace it. Great heroes are made during seasons of discomfort and not during days of ease.

Our world needs you to rise up to your best as never before. So, it is time to reverse your lifestyle to save your life. As for diabetes, it is VERY curable. Mine was cured; my numerous clients got theirs cured in less than six weeks depending on their insulin resistance.

Join the ex-diabetics now. Call/SMS or send WhatsApp messages to me now on 08033335496.

I thank you very much for being with me every week. Much love and respect to all.

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