Covid-19: Katsina state FA pledges total support to Federal government in stalling the spread of the virus.

Katsina state football association rose from a meeting Saturday, promising to join the federal government in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic which has killed over 700 Nigerians in just under five months.

Chairman Katsina state football Association, Aminu Kurfi while addressing the meeting emphasized the key role of government in protecting the lives and properties of it's citizens but stressed that the federal government cannot be left alone in the fight against the corona virus pandemic which according to him, is a global problem and demands all hands on deck in finding a lasting solution.

He said sports, expecially football is the best tool to use in further enlightening youths in Katsina state and Nigeria in general, about the dangers posed by the virus, stressing that there is the need for Nigerians to abide by all the laid down safety measures put in place by the federal government to effectively curb the scourge of a virus  which is daily killing the young and the old in our society.  
  "Let me use this opportunity to thank president Mohammadu Buhari for his determination at curbing the spread of this virus. His excellency has shown that he is the right man for this job. Nigerians must count themselves very lucky to have a man like president Buhari incharge. He has been dogged and resolute in his resolve to fight this pandemic and that explains why over 14,000 Nigerians have overcome the virus".
     "On our part as a football association domiciled in president Buhari's state, we have joined the crusade and we have promised to take the message to Katsina state youths in all towns and villages especially at this very critical period of our National lives".

"We will also contribute our little by providing face masks and hand sanitizers to every Katsina youth within our reach as our own contribution towards curbing the spread of the virus" he concluded.
Saturday's meeting also took some very important decisions bothering on the future of football in Katsina state.

Key among these decisions are..
  1. The Katsina state football association has resolved to assist state football clubs with palliatives like face masks and hand sanitizers to protect players and officials against the corona virus pandemic
2. The Katsina state football association is working towards total autonomy, that is, non dependent on government for funding of all football activities organized by the state FA.
3. Putting in place effective plans at developing and discovering local talents that could be signed up by the state owned club, Katsina United FC.
4. Organising football competitions involving the various local governments, towns and villages once the corona virus gets out of the way.

 Balele said all these policies will be vigorously pursued and religiously implemented at the appropriate time.

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