“We Do Not Have The Money” - Arteta Insist Arsenal Must Return To The UCL

Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta has admitted that Arsenal are not as financial equipped as they are should to, due to non appearance in the UEFA Champions League for the last three seasons.

Arteta however stressed that the club must get as much point as possible in their last 10 games in the premier league so as to stand a chance of a UCL return

Arteta: "Financially for the club that the last 3 years we havent had Champions League it puts the club in a very difficult position. We have a structure thats designed to be in the Champions League so when we don't have that financially it creates a lot of issues & instability"

Arteta: "But that’s the situation we are facing. We have ten games to go, we have to go full gas & get as high as possible in the table"

It is believed that Arsenal are not going to make a significant move in the transfer window until the club knows his status at the end of the season.

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