“Solution To Coronavirus Does Not Require Vaccine” — Reveals Australia-based Nigerian Scientist

A Nigerian Scientist based in Australia, Emmanuel Adeyemi, has revealed that the COVID-19 global pandemic which has claimed  lots of lives all over the world does not require any vaccine, stating that the cause of the  Mass death was due to air pollution and not because of virus

The Australia-based Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapist disclosed during a press conference in Lagos on Saturday, the main cause of the death across the world was air pollution as a result of excessive hydrogen dioxide poisonous gas in the atmosphere.

According to him, the reason for the press conference was to save lives as the world already lost a lot of people to the pandemic which he claimed was not caused by any virus.

During the presser, Adeyemi said  he discovered after a deep and thorough research that China made a wrong diagnosis of the disease which has made it difficult to understand the clinical signs and symptoms of the disease and to develop a treatment regimen for it.

The University of Ibadan graduate, who has been able to obtain scientific publications from China which shows that the problem China had was a case of widespread Pneumonia, stated that Chinese Center for Disease Control (CCDC) named the causative agent as a Novel Coronavirus.

Emmanuel also claimed that he has a scientific paper that shows how the World Health Organization (WHO) named the Pneumonia from China as COVID-19.

He further added that he has discovered through his research findings the main causative agent and that the solution to the COVIID-19 pandemic does not require any vaccine.

“We’ve lost a lot of lives globally and to draw the attention of the global community to a fact that the world is not suffering from any novel coronavirus disease,” he said.

“The world is suffering from air pollution as a result of excessive hydrogen dioxide poisonous gas in the atmosphere so the purpose is to save lives and ensure that the world returns back to normal in record time.

“The United Nations will need to sit down and there will  be policies on the regulations of hydrogen dioxide and other pollutants in the atmosphere but for this one there are a lot of procedures.

“You can use a petrochemical process, you can use hydrogen peroxide and sodium. Once you send it to the atmosphere, it will reduce hydrogen dioxide emission,” he concluded

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