“NNL Not Adopting PPG For Clubs Promotion” - Amar Ignis

The media officer of the Nigeria National League, NNL, Amar Ignis has debunked news in some quarters that the NNL are set to adopt the Point Per Game basis to determine or to seek promotion of four teams to the NPFL, thereby having a 24 NPFL team format next season.

Ignis disclosed this via WhatsApp while responding to the news of the PPG. Ignis wrote:

“ A VERY GOOD MORNING,this Tuesday.

Please dear colleagues,
I think we should be careful how we write and publish news without verification.

Facts are sacred in journalism.You cannot distort facts.And giving false news is a sin.
NALCOMA ,the NNL club owners body has not decided on adopting any PPG or another for promotion or demotion.

The virtual meeting has not decided on it,infact the meeting continues today.

Perhaps there are more pressing and Germain issues in NNL than the misguiding trending news.

What about reasons that saw NNL inaction for 9months ,NNL breaks almost every season annoyingly. Let's wise pls.
Be cautioned

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