Faulty Advices That Breeds Diabetes And Other Health Crises

I am delighted that you are here again in spite of your busy schedule to calibrate with me on how to set your lifestyle to improve your well-being and reverse diabetes, obesity and other debilitating diseases of our time.

Please permit me to use this opportunity to appreciate the executive governor of Ekiti State, H.E. Dr John Kayode Fayemi for appointing me as the chairman of Ekiti State Sports Council. It is a call to service and my board and I are prepared to work arduously to uplift sports in the state notwithstanding the pandemic. To me leadership is defined in time of crisis.

Mandela, Martin Luther King Jnr, Isaac Newton, Mahatma Gandhi and indeed all the great leaders I know were made in days of crises and they were never perturbed by the situation they met. They knew what to do to change the situations and not to be governed by circumstances. So, I say thanks to His Excellency for giving me the uncommon mandate to take sports in Ekiti State to greatest heights unimaginable in the pandemic. It is a privilege for me to further touch lives positively and affect my generation, so help me God.

Now to the crux of the matter, from my inbox still came floods of questions from my fans and clients at home and abroad about faulty advices from experts that breed more and more diabetics globally.

The paradox is that our governments globally keep spending billions of dollars in the treatment of diabetes, yet more lives are ruined. More diabetes complications become the order of the day. Millions die of the disease annually. And as the COVID-19 pandemic becomes widespread, a lot of the infected victims are the diabetic. They can hardly survive the virus. In just one week a number of people in high places who were diabetic and were infected by coronavirus have died. This is the reason I cry out every now and then and drum it loud to all diabetics, pre-diabetics and hereditary diabetics to get rid of this disease by reversing it quickly because it is a reversible disease.

The greatest challenge of the diabetic in the 21st century is based on the numerous faulty advices from experts who are saddled with the responsibility of treating diabetes. The genesis of the trouble is the curriculum of education in the medical school. How can a diabetic be told to eat more carbohydrates? The diabetics are told to eat less protein and fat. They advise the patients to eat intermittently throughout the day. Some are told to eat main meal and snacks six to eight times per day. Tell me how you will continue to stuff your system with this kind of eating plan for 30, 40, 50 or 60 years non-stop and you will keep living without health complications.

Food is good but eat the right food for your body type. Also ignore the advice of experts who tell you to keep stuffing your system with overfeeding. Don’t eat based on your net worth. Similarly, eating breakfast compulsorily as the most important food of the day is not evidence-based medicine.

Another faulty expert advice that type 2 diabetics have to seriously avoid is the use of the insulin injection. The disease of diabetes itself for type 2 diabetics is the disease of too much insulin in the system. So, why should you add loads of insulin to the insulin you want to get rid of? And, obviously, the insulin injection will give you more insulin and further complicate the health condition of the diabetics; and instead of removing the dosage of the insulin, patients are encouraged to take more and more insulin until there will be no remedy. Then follows liver, kidney and pancreatic diseases. The rottenness of the organs, blindness and brain damage develop. The results are beyond imaginations as you become a living corpse. You say God forbid. I say so too.

The truth is that most diabetics died as a result of ignorance and overdependence on faulty advice that put their diabetes out of control. Be the architect of your own destiny. We will continue from here next week, Monday.

Don’t hesitate to call/SMS or send WhatsApp messages to me in your journey to reverse diabetes mellitus. My line is 08033335496. This is the same route I plied and my numerous clients plied at home and abroad to get diabetes reversed. You too can.

With humility and maximum respect, I want to thank you for your kind support and shower of love in keeping a date with me every week on Larger than Life. I appreciate and love you all.

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